Message from the Vice President: Dr. Pin-Shou Ting



Welcome to Shih Chien University, Kaohsiung Campus. Eighteen summers and winters have passed since KHUSC was founded in 1995, and we have grown and prospered, from a two-year college of technology to a well-known university in Taiwan. Now we are recognized as a center for fashion design. Our graduates, diligent and hardworking, were honored as one of the favorite private school students by the business community.  
        Going global has been our school policy. For years, we have had visiting scholars from other countries to update and upgrade our students’ knowledge. Under our exchange student programs, students have been to the U.S., the U.K, Holland, and Japan to discover their brave new world. To balance theory and practice, internship programs in the 2012 summer sent students from the Department of Applied Japanese and Tourism Management to Macao, to practice what they have learned at school. We seize every opportunity to connect with the world. Chiang Mai University, ranked the third in Thailand and sixth in South East Asia, has just signed MOU (memorandum of understanding) with our

Department of Tourism Management.


pic1 To meet more challenges, domestically as well as globally, we plan to revamp our campus and build a first-rate learning community. “Campus by Mountain and Water” is a reconstruction plan that will fully exploit our geographical advantage, in which we map out Chiang Chun Mountain and Erh Jen River as the new natural borderlines of our campus. New facilities will be added, including a large-scale teaching area, an international hotel, an international conference room, an eco-friendly park, sports facilities, and so on. We do not need to hire new staff to operate these facilities, as our students from different departments have already equipped themselves with the necessary expertise and skills. In a few years, we believe, this new community will not only be a new education center in southern Taiwan, but will also be a new tourist spot attracting visitors from all over the world to this “Kaohsiung Yangmingshan”. This is our vision.


Brief History

USC’s institutional predecessor is Shih Chien Household Economics School, founded in 1959 in Taipei by Dr. Tung-Min Hsieh, the former Vice President (6th) of the Republic of China. As a branch of USC, the Kaohsiung Campus was established in 1995, providing two-year undergraduate programs for International Trade, Finance, and Accounting. In the following year, the Business Management Department and Fashion Styling Department were added. In 1997 the school was upgraded to university level, at the same time adding the departments of Tournament Management and Applied English. Now Kaohsiung Campus has 2 colleges, 15 departments, one MBA program, one B.A. program for Taiwanese Indigenous students, and 3 B.A. programs for continuing education.





pic3        The name of the school, Shih Chien, which means “practice or practical” in English, is the founding spirit of the school. Based on the Chinese philosophy “unity of knowledge and practice,” the founding spirit encourages students to learn from practice and practice what they have learned.In terms of moral philosophy, virtue is virtue only when it is practiced. The school founder Dr. Tung-Min Hsieh believed that from the discipline of mind and body, the happiness of the family, to harmony of the nation, peace of the world, these virtues all have origins from practice instead of philosophical reasoning.