Neimen Campus

1        Founded in 1995, the Neimen Campus (occupying a substantial area of some fifty hectares) is the main campus of KHUSC. It is located in Neimen District, Kaohsiung, which is a popular tourist spot noted for the religious festival of Sung Chiang Battle Array. Its two neighboring regions, Chi Shan District and Mei Nung District, are respectively famous for unique specimen of historic architecture such as Chi Shan Old Street, banana farm products, and Hakka culture crafts and products (paper umbrellas, pottery, and flat noodles).


2At present, the Neimen Campus incorporates the College of Business and Information and the College of Culture and Creativity. The colleges comprise 15 departments: namely, Finance, International Business Management, International Trade, Accounting Information Systems, Marketing Management, Information Management, Computer Simulation & Design, Information Technology & Communication, Tourism Management, Recreation Management, Fashion Styling & Design Communication, Fashion Design & Merchandising, Applied English, Applied Chinese, Applied Japanese, and a B.A. Program for Taiwanese Indigenous Students.
3Education Center
        Located near Kaohsiung Harbor, the Education Center of Shih Chien University was established in 2007 to respond to the needs of the local society for continuing education and multi-cultural studies. The center has three graduate programs at the departments of Fashion Design & Merchandising, International Management, Tourism Management, and one MBA program for continuing education. In addition, the Education Center provides short-term courses for those local residents who are interested in fashion design, computer simulation & design, interior decoration, digital photography, yoga, etc.